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About Firestone Candles


If you're looking for a unique gift, you've found it!

All the FireStones are created right in Akron, Ohio of real rocks and stones, therefore no two are alike. We use both river rock and brazilian agate. The rock candles can be used as a decoration and functional piece on your dining room table, but also look awesome in the den, bath, kitchen and around the fireplace or use them outdoors by the deck, patio, pool and walkways around your home and garden.

They can be used both indoors and out. With a selection of colors and rock materials, there's sure to be one to match your personality and décor.

To use, simply fill the oil reservoir through the wick opening with a small funnel that we provide with each FireStone. If you use your rock candle outdoors, citronella is fine. If you use it indoors, we recommend Ultra Pure Oil.


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